Kathryn Wilson

Presenter / Radio / DJ





Lifestyle, Mental Health, Music, Showbiz, Educational, Corporate Capable of warming any room with her energy and Northern Irish charm Kathryn is an Engaging, Passionate and professional Presenter.

Her career began in Radio, broadcasting in commercial radio which she continues today and has been doing for over 10 years. She has transferred those skills to on screen too and is a regular contributing to broadcasting in Live Radio & TV in both London and N.Ireland.

Kathryn is also popular with our corporate clients as well and since COVID lockdown has set up her own home studio catering for Voice Over work also.

Kathryn also has a large following on social media - active on Instagram and TikTok with over 5k followers.

She recently took to the airwaves with Radio 1 ... look out Kathryn is on the road to stardom.

On top of all this - she DJ's too!


Lifestyle, Mental Health, Music, Showbiz, Educational, Corporate

Voice Description

Northern Irish, Smooth, Lively, Energetic and Fun

Credits include:

  • BBC Radio 1, Lifehacks - Presenter

  • CBBC 'Own it' - Presenter

  • Staff Treats Podcast & 'Work Life' Show Host

  • Circus Street - Education Presenter

  • Imagework Media

  • Loveworld TV Contributor

  • Goodwille 'Business Services'

  • ITV This Morning and Good Morning Britain Stand in

  • Aspire Presenter Training

  • RADIO - BBC Radio Ulster

  • RADIO - Q Radio

  • RADIO - Passion Radio