Luke Maskell

Presenter / Radio / Live Event Host / VO Artist / Actor / Comedian






Luke is a spankingly funny chap. Or so EVERYONE says. He’ll morph an extremely professional demeanour with a joie de vivre that makes all interactions enjoyable. There’s every chance that this is a hangover from his days tickling the humour of the masses touring sketch and standup comedy.

Luke began nurturing a career as a presenter when he hosted the critically acclaimed 1999 Montesori Nativity Play. After a significant hiatus following an incident with a stuffed wooled lamb, Luke began presenting as a radio DJ whilst ‘studying’ at Durham University.

Since graduating, alongside a successful career as a recognised actor, Luke managed to fuse a lifelong passion for motorsport with his side hustle as a presenter. Swapping pints and the 24 Hours for a microphone and Formula One, Luke has hosted high profile guests in various paddocks across the continents.


Lifestyle, Entertainment, Motorsport, Corporate, Live Events, Comedy, Acting

Credits include:

  • CarFests South - Event Presenter and Commentator 

  • Formula E - Trackside Presenter

  • Formula One Pre-season Testing - Trackside presenter

  • Formula One - Trackside Presenter

  • Purple Radio - Presenter

  • The Durham Revue - Stand Up comedian

  • Various Acting Credits - please enquire for more detail