We have a versatile and multi-faceted pool of talent including presenters, MC's, Event Hosts, commentators, industry experts, professional drivers, and athletes. Here you will find a selection of our featured talents however our contact list is endless so if you don't find exactly what you are looking for then give us a call as we will always find a solution. 


Daisie's dulcet tones and girl next door presenting style make her a very popular choice

Dave’s dynamic approach & adaptability brings ‘added-value’ to any live experience

Lollie’s quick wit sense of humour certainly comes across in front of the camera

James is a multi-sports presenter and commentator across a range of events all over the world

Alex is an award nominated television presenter with shows broadcast in 30 countries

Kevin is a fanatical skier and loves the great outdoors.

Louise is a warm and charismatic presenter with an abundance of energy

Louise’s experience within the media means she is completely self-sufficient combining her ability to write her own scripts, present and produce if required

India has a passion for wellbeing and nature

James's distinctive deep voice and clear RP accent has him in demand for voiceovers for both corporate work and audiobooks

Presenter, comedian, producer, voice artist - Neil has it all and is also a top chap!

Hailing from Ireland, Ben's comic timing and ability to engage will have your audiences truly entertained

Multilingual presenters 

Bilingual German and English Broadcast Journalist

James has a distinctive deep voice and clear RP accent and can present in Russian.

Russian and English Sports and live event host

Gemma's energetic style of presenting and the fact she can do it in two languages - English & French - makes her a firm favourite for live event hosting.

Marieta speaks four languages – English, Spanish, Catalan and Italian.

Steph is a confident and capable host with quick reactions and a warm presence.