Gemma Scott & Louise Beckett of LoudSpeaker Agency have worked in all areas of television and broadcast.

Radio, Live TV, Live events, Studio based, Corporate, News and more recently Online. There isn’t a format they haven’t either presented, produced or carried out interviews for.


Working with a wide variety of professionals from sports people to business specialists to Hollywood stars, when it comes to interviewing they know how to get the best out of a subject and also help their interviewee to get their message across. 

And when it comes to presentation, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure your delivery is informative and engaging.

Through customised courses LoudSpeaker Agency share the techniques required to prepare for any media and event situation, whether that be for you or your team to step into the hosts shoes or to prepare athletes, actors or business professionals in how to deal with press and media situations.


Join the likes of Formula One, FIA, Cisco, Curry’s PCWorld and more who have already benefited from the skills and professionalism LoudSpeaker Agency have to offer with a tailor made training programme for you.