Daisie Belle

VO Artist / Radio / Live Event Host

Daisie has such a distinctive voice it’s no wonder she is in such demand to be the voice of top brands and television productions. 


Working regularly on her daily radio show for UK shoppers she has honed her craft which means her list of clients is growing rapidly! Nickelodeon, MTV, Nisa, Superdrug are just some of the brands she has represented.


Entertainment, pop culture, kids, music, lifestyle, and food events are all areas Daisie has worked within and she’s ready to do more! 

Not only is she a voice over artist - she presents as well so if you’re looking for a host for a roadshow or live event – she would be perfect for this role!

Voice Description

Engaging, Friendly, Bright, Cool, Husky, Soothing and Young 

Daisie's character shines through the moment you hear her! 


Youth Culture, Music, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Kids 

VO Credits include:

  • Nickelodeon & Nick Jr - Television Advert 

  • Up-Learn - Corporate Educational Video for GCSE and A Level students 

  • House of Fraser - Radio Advert

  • NISA - KVH Studios, Radio Advert 

  • Co-op - Radio Advert 

  • MTV - Television Adverts 

  • Virgin Online - Advert

  • Russell Athletic Clothing - Corporate VO